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Övertorneå's broad, verdant farmlands, hilly forested areas and the mighty Torne River present a spectacle of stunning beauty and offer a wonderful living environment with unique opportunities for adventure. An easygoing hospitality and a kinship with neighbouring Tornedalen have given life along the shores of the river a special character. A revitalizing sauna bath is a central part of the local culture.

The river has always played a part in shaping local history and its fertile river valley produces top-grade vegetables and potatoes that are sold throughout the country. This has laid the foundation for Övertorneå's position as Sweden's first eco-municipality.

Övertorneå and the neighbouring Finnish town of Ylitornio lie on opposite sides of the Torne River, which is also the border. The mighty river, which provides countless opportunities for fishing and recreation and presents the amazing spectacle of the spring ice break-up, has united two nations and two peoples. A majority of the 5,400 residents speak Tornedalen Finnish - meänkieli - the native language and bearer of culture. Breathtaking scenery can be viewed from the peaks of mountains on either side of the border, from Luppioberget on the Swedish side and from Aavasaksa on the Finnish.

Plans are well underway in Övertorneå to build the world's first indoor rapids, Polaric Wild Water Center. Pullinki's popular ski resort has well-groomed slopes for beginners and accomplished skiers as well as off-pist runs for advanced skiers.

In Övertorneå, modernity has been carefully integrated into an old yet vital rural culture. Here, unique experiences offered in a spirit of warm and friendly hospitality will give you memories for a lifetime. Övertorneå's church has the country's oldest functioning organ, which dates from the 1600s. Dränglängan in Svanstein was built to provide cultural and artistic nourishment. Here, the works of artist Rolf Suup are exhibited in a magnificent setting.