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In the heart of the Torne Valley - in the middle of North Scandinavia, hallmarked by its multi-cultural history, where the Torne Valley identity has been formed by the confluence of Finnish, Sámi and Swedish cultural traditions - there lies Pajala.

In the district, which covers 8,000 square kilometres, there are 6,900 inhabitants. Approximately 2,200 live in the central community of Pajala. The business sector is dominated by the forest industry, electronics industry, leather and skin industry, cross-border tourism and a large public sector.

The university studies localized to Pajala are a further strategic undertaking to develop skills in this area.

Pajala lies in a district full of tradition and culture. The earliest factory in Norrbotten was located here. Kengis Foundry was built in 1646, and was the world’s northernmost industrial complex and metallurgical centre at the time. The ironworks epoch lasted for almost three hundred years.

Here, too, lived a remarkable man: Lars Levi Laestadius, the founder of the religious movement Laestadianism. He was the vicar here from 1849 to 1861; and was also a notable botanist, scientist and advocate of temperance.

The well-known authors Bengt Pohjanen and Mikael Niemi are both from the district. Annual events include Pajala Fair, Romp Week, European Festival of the Night, and the Northern Lights Festival.

Pajala Airport has an excellent location next to the Torne River, with the midnight sun in the summer and the unique polar light in the winter.

Follow your heart and drop in on us in Pajala.