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The fantastic countryside around Kiruna varies from mountains with beautiful crystal clear lakes and birch forests, to ancient wooded areas with lively streams and bogland filled with berries. There are plenty of well-marked walks and day treks that can be tackled by foot in summer and on skis in winter.

Why not go skiing in the midnight sun or travel by dog sleigh through the polar night? Play golf at one of the most northerly golf courses in Europe or stay at the Icehotel and sleep on a bed of comfortable, warm reindeer skin.

With 6 rivers and 6,200 lakes there is water to suit all tastes. You can even fish for grayling and trout in the centre of Kiruna in the Luossajärvi lake, or imagine yourself stretched on the ice doing some jigging on a sunny spring day.

In Kiruna county you have the possibility to experience and to be part of Lappish daily life and culture. Simply by being here you will learn a lot about Kiruna’s short but vibrant history. Make sure you visit the world’s largest underground mine and northern Europe’s only civil space station.
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