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Kalix is beautifully situated on the shores of the Kalix River, one of few remaining pristine rivers in Sweden. A richly varied archipelago and the magnificent natural beauty and cultural history of the river valley are characteristic features of the area. Fishing and maritime recreation, the lakes and the rivers, with their waterfalls and rapids, are an important part of life for the people of Kalix.

Kalix has a population of about 18,000. Residents trace their proud industrial heritage back to the late 1600s and early 1700s, when there were glassworks, copper smelting and shipyards here. In modern times, forestry and the sawmill industry have been the lifeblood of the area, but Kalix is now also renowned for its thriving electronics industry.

Kalix archipelago has both rocky islands and sandy, shallow-water beaches. There are imposing cliff formations that drop 40 metres straight down into the sea, rubble fields, pine moors, unusual cave formations and fantastic beaches. It's easy to find your own favourite spot among the many islands.

In summer, white patches of sail dot the glittering surface of the Gulf of Bothnia. Autumn is the season when the trawlers head out to fish the Gold of the Sea – löjrom, or Norrbotten caviar. When winter comes, the ice grows thick and solid all the way out to the archipelago, making it easy to reach the islands by car, snowmobile, on skis or on foot. Then comes spring, and sun worshippers and ice fisherman - people who really know how to enjoy life - flock to the ice.

Kalix offers fabulous opportunities for all kinds of angling, from relaxing hook-and-line fishing on placid inland lakes to seine fishing and bag netting whitefish in the rapids of Kamlungeforsen. But Kalix is perhaps best known for its salmon fishing. Anglers sometimes reel in salmon weighing as much as 20 kg. Bondeborg, in a beautiful natural setting, also offers exciting fly-fishing. While fishing for salmon, salmon trout or grayling, take the time to enjoy the surroundings. You might see crayfish, beaver, otter, rare wild orchids and other fascinating flora and fauna.

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