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Jokkmokk is Sweden’s second largest community in size, situated right on the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. With a population of 5,522 in about 19,500 sq km, we have plenty of elbow room.

Within the district you find unique mountain areas and four national parks: Sarek, Padjelanta, Muddus and Stora Sjöfallet. Together with Sjaunja and Stubba nature reserves, they form The Laponia World Heritage Area.

Jokkmokk is known as an ancient cultural centre characterized by the Sámi people and traditions. The greatest cultural bearer is Jokkmokk Winter Market. People from all over the world gather here for a couple of days in February to experience this unique 400-year-old multicultural tradition. The Sámi culture is also the base for Ájtte Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum and the Sámi Educational Centre.

The business sector in Jokkmokk is well diversified. The major industrial sectors include: outdoor adventure and leisure (tourism), food manufacturing, the service sector, engineering, wood processing and Sámi reindeer herding and meat processing. The municipality of Jokkmokk is also the biggest producer of hydroelectric power in Sweden.