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Haparanda is situated at the gateway to Lapland, just 80 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, where the mighty Tornio River flows into the Gulf of Bothnia. Haparanda together with its Finnish twin town Tornio is a gateway to the whole Barents Region. Long coexistence as neighbors has given rise to a unique and vibrant culture in the area, and the border towns have grown into one single unit – HaparandaTornio. Together the cities have 32,500 inhabitants.

HaparandaTornio is known for its strong and constantly developing business life. The areas of expertise of the companies operating in the region include the metal industry, wood products industry, food and textile industry as well as trade and tourism. Ever since IKEA and several other large chain stores have chosen to establish here, HaparandaTornio has evolved into a vibrant commercial centre, visited by millions of people annually.

The twin city has a good transport infrastructure: The nearest airport, Kemi-Tornio airport, is situated only 20 kilometers from HaparandaTornio and two highways, the E4 and the E8, pass through the cities. There is also a commercial harbor nearby.

The area has beautiful scenery, with Tornio River and Haparanda Archipelago as two highlights. The region offers friendly and hospitable inhabitants who welcome visitors to their special mixture of Swedish and Finnish culture and languages.

Everybody who visits the twin city HaparandaTornio takes home fond memories of the North.

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