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Arvidsjaur is situated in the middle of Swedish Lapland, about 700 kilometres north of Stockholm and 100 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle.

There are 6,950 inhabitants in the district, 4,680 of whom live in the main community of Arvidsjaur. About 20 families, belonging to the forest-dwelling Sámi (or Lapps), still carry on reindeer herding. The business sector today is dominated by the forest industry, tourism and there is a large public sector which includes, among other activities, an army regiment.

Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog are also the world’s leading winter test grounds for vehicle components.

Arvidsjaur airport has direct flights from Copenhagen (SAS) and four German cities (Fly Car) during wintertime, and from Stockholm all year around (Skyways).

The tourist office in Arvidsjaur has long experience in assisting film productions such as features, TV productions and commercials.