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In the heart of Swedish Lapland
... you find Arjeplog, close to the Arctic Circle and between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Arjeplog is a small town with 3,150 inhabitants, but it’s also quite a large municipality. The town is located between two big lakes and surrounded by water. One of the lakes, called Hornavan, is the very deepest in Sweden, 226 meters and it’s also quite elongated, 60 km.

The municipally resembles an archipelago with 8,727 lakes and a lot of rivers and streams. This scenario is bordered to the north and west by the mountains near the national boarder with Norway.

Car testing
Our traditional business sectors have been forestry, mining and to some extent reindeer herding, but today tourism, the administrative service sector and in particular cold-climate car testing are our most important industries.

A world wide car magazine wrote: “ARJEPLOG - The Winter Car Testing Capital of the World”

Local companies in the tourist business, and the tourist office, Arjeplog Lapland, have solid experience in providing services to film and TV production teams.

The landscape, the scenery, the Sámi culture and the car testing in Arjeplog are exotic and unusual.

It takes one hour by car to get from Arvidsjaur Airport to Arjeplog and the airport has direct connections with Stockholm all year (Skyways) and with Copenhagen (SAS) and four German cities (Fly Car) during wintertime.