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Promoting the region
The Swedish Lapland Film Commission (SLFC) is a non-profit organization established in December 2005 to promote the region as a national and international film location and provide services to production teams shooting in the region.

The SLFC networks with contacts and improves the infrastructure of the local film industry to increase interest in, and opportunities for, film productions in Swedish Lapland (Norrbotten/Lapland).

Coordinating productions
The SLFC acts as an intermediary and coordinator for local, national and international production companies at the different stages of film, television or other audiovisual productions.

Basic services
The SLFC’s basic services include:

Scouting (2 days free of charge for feature productions)
Providing contact details of film and media professionals
Providing contact details of service companies
Providing contact details for official permits
Contacts for production facilities and equipment

Looking for funding?
The Swedish Lapland Film Commission assists film producers with all the practical issues surrounding your shoot when you are fully financed.

If you wish to discuss funding of a film, contact Filmpool Nord.