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Persona Non Grata
Mats Arehn
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Swedish titlePersona Non Grata
Prod Year2007
DirectorMats Arehn
WriterMats Arehn
Director of photographyMats Olofsson
ProducerThomas Samuelsson
CastJanne 'Loffe' Carlsson, Alexandra Rapaport, Margreth Weivers, Bertil Norström
PlotIt's a psychological thriller where we meet Anna who is now trying to deal with her past. One day she meets Sture who is retired and living a peaceful life.
Prod company2000 Bilder AB
Co-ProducerGunnar Carlsson, Tore Skarelid, Per-Erik Svensson
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord, Sveriges Television, Svensk Filmindustri
DistributorFolkets Hus & Parker