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DescriptionAziz is an old man whom came with his children to Sweden. He lives in a small apartment in Luleå in north of Sweden. His children have their own life and works and Aziz often feel lonely.
A few years ago, his children got him a garden plot in a garden tree area suited nearby his apartment. It is here he find a new life and hope. He spends the most of his time during spring, summer and even autumn in his garden plot. Here, he can meet people and he feels proud but when winter’s comes his life would not bi the same…
Longing is a film about Aziz’s dreams, his identity in this new country but even disappointment and alienated.
Swedish titleLängtan
Prod Year2009
DirectorMitra Sohrabian
ProducerMitra Sohrabian
Co-ProducerSirel Peensaar
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord