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Jag, den ropande rösten i öknen
Mitra Sohrabian
DescriptionHeide Krönlein, 73, came to Sweden fifty years ago and has mostly lived in Vuollerim. She is a writer, artist, photographer, politicians who for years have struggled with environmental, refugee and social issues.

The film is a close depiction of Heide's perspective on her life and what it means to survive a war, losing her family, feeling homeless in the new country, living with guilt feelings, memories, her love of opera and art.
Swedish titleJag, den ropande rösten i öknen
Prod Year2012/2013
DirectorMitra Sohrabian
ProducerMitra Sohrabian
Co-ProducerSirel Peensaar, co-producer
Elisabeth Lax, advance allocations
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord (co-producer)
Norrbottens Läns Landsting, Div. Kultur & Utbildning (advance allocations)
Jokkmokks Kommun, Kultur & Fritid (advance allocations)
Spec locationsVuollerim