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Leif Sundberg
DescriptionWe find ourselves in a very small town in northern Sweden during the cold spring in April 1930. In the village there is a "Bed and breakfast" owned by Linda Ståhl who is a single mother of two children. One of the guests on this day is Björn Ceder, violinist and one half of the duo Phil and Ceder.
Swedish titleDuo
Prod Year2003
DirectorLeif Sundberg
WriterLeif Sundberg
Director of photographyTony Forsberg
ProducerGöran Lindström
CastBirgitta Vallgårda, Tobias Theorell, Klara Lundgren, Bertil Frykholm, Birgitt Lindgren, Leif Lindberg
Prod companyMovieMakers Nord AB
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord AB, Film i Västerbotten, Film i Västernorrland, Filmpool Jämtland

Advance allocations: Swedish Film Institute (SFI)
DistributorFolkets Bio AB
Spec locationsUmeå (Västerbotten)