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Tjockare än vatten
Thicker than Water
Description"Tjockare än vatten" is a ten episodes returnable one-hour drama series, set in the enchanting Baltic archipelago. A chronicle about two brothers and a sister who reunite on the island of Sunnano when their mother passes away.
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TitleThicker than Water
Swedish titleTjockare än vatten
Prod Year2013
DirectorEpisode 1-4; Erik Leijonborg, Episode 5-7; Anders Engström, Episode 8-10; Molly Hartleb, Second Unit Directors Lisa Eriksdotter Farzanaeh and Anette Winblad
WriterNiklas Rockström, Morgan Jensen
Director of photographyCalle Persson, Nille Leander and Andreas Lennartsson
ProducerExecutive Producers: Henrik Jansson-Schweizer, Patrick Nebout, Hans Lönnerheden Producers:Malte Forssell, Joshua Mehr
Prod companyNICE Drama
Line ProducerÅsa Karlsson
Co-ProducerPer-Erik Svensson
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord
Spec locationsNorrbotten (Swedish Lapland), Väddö (Barnens Ö) and Åland