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DescriptionWhy are arctic brambles so much more valuable than cloudberries and why did Sámi men lay down naked on the bog in the old days? How would one react to a mock execution, and what exactly is anxiety hysteria? Two rootless girls with more questions than answers are trying to cautiously approach their Sámi roots during a summer’s night.
Swedish titleMyrlandet
Prod Year2010
DirectorJonas Selberg Augustsèn
WriterJonas Selberg Augustsèn
Director of photographyHarry Tuvanen
ProducerFreddy Olsson
CastPatricia Fjellgren, Inga-Elisa Påve, Maj-Doris Rimpi, Paul Ol Jona Utsi, Ohnyute Charles, Per-Josef Idivouma, Pavva Pittja
AwardsTromsø Int. Film Festival 2012; Nominated to The Tromsø Palm
Prod companyBokomotiv Filmproduktion
Co-ProducerSirel Peensaar
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord

Advance allocations: Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet,Sametinget/Sámediggi, Bodens kommun

Planning allocations: Filmpool Nord Development
DistributorFolkets Bio