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Goran Kapetanovic
DescriptionA young woman in Rwanda is about to give birth. The baby is turned the wrong way and her life is in danger. At the same time the water breaks for a woman in Sweden. She decides that she will cope with it herself; she refuses to accept any help. These two stories of women giving birth are woven into each other and appear to go on simultaneously in two completely different parts of the world.
Swedish titleKiruna-Kigali
Prod Year2011
DirectorGoran Kapetanovic
WriterMaria Nygren
Director of photographyTobias Höiem-Flyckt
ProducerHelena Danielsson
CastMalin Crépin, Assad Kasasa, Mukundente Fiona, Marie Fracoise Mukayiranga, Smilla Roslin, Jonatan Lundberg, Maria Sandström...
Prod companyHepp film & Kapetanovich Film Production
Line ProducerEmma Åkesdotter-Ronge
Co-ProducerSirel Peensaar-Miell
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord, Film i Skåne and Ayuub Mago Film Production in Kigali with support from Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI), Konstnärsnämnden, Rwanda Film Center and Rwanda Film Institute
DistributorFolkets Bio AB