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Kenny Begins (Kenny Starfighter)
Carl Åstrand, Mats Lindberg
DescriptionKenny Starfighter is probably the worst student the Galaxy Hero Academy has ever had and in pursuit of his exam grades, Kenny accidentally crash-lands on Earth. He bumps into 15-year old Pontus who has found a mysterious, luminous crystal which has given him superpowers and the possibility to get the coolest girl in school, Miranda, interested in him. Rutger Oversmart, who is the most intelligent man in Universe, needs the crystal’s powers to become the most powerful man in the Universe. When Rutger finds out that Pontus has absorbed the power he sends out the most dangerous bounty hunters in the Galaxy to catch him. Can Kenny Starfighter save Pontus’ life or is it Pontus and Miranda who will save Kenny?
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Swedish titleKenny Begins (Kenny Starfighter)
Prod Year2008
DirectorCarl Åstrand, Mats Lindberg
WriterCarl Åstrand (screenplay), Lars V. Johansson (screenplay), Mats Lindberg (writer)
Director of photographyGöran Hallberg
ProducerPatrick Ryborn
CastJohan Rheborg, Per Mårtenson, Sissela Kyle, Björn Gustafsson, Pernilla August, Bill Skarsgård, Carla Abrahamsen, Jan Mybrand, Johan Glans, Brasse Brännström, Per Ragnar, Cecilia Frode, Per Svensson, Josephine Bornebusch, Sten Elfström, Kalle Moraeus, Rosie Anderberg, Yan Kai Yu, Hayes Jemide, Eva Dahlgren...

Prod companyS/S Fladen Film
Co-ProducerGunnar Carlsson, Ralf Ivarsson, Lone Korslund, Mats Lindberg, Sean Wheelan
Co-production companyFilm i Skåne, Filmgate, Ihrevik, Lunatic Speed, Seat 13, Sveriges Television (SVT), Nordisk Film
DistributorNordisk Film

Spec locationsAitik mine