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Bröderna Karlsson
Kjell Sundvall
DescriptionThe Karlsson Brothers is a "confusion" comedy about two identical-twin brothers, each initially unaware of the other's existence. One brother is a successful, perfectionist lawyer living in Stockholm. The other brother lives in the North of Sweden with a wife and children, and is a notoriously unfaithful ne'er-do-well. The brothers meet for the first time as they go through their deceased mother's estate. Their meeting leads to a series of challenging mix-ups, turning both their lives on end. The brothers' differences prove gradually to be a source of strength, and their newfound friendship will change their lives forever.
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Swedish titleBröderna Karlsson
Prod Year2009
DirectorKjell Sundvall
Director of photographyJonas Alarik
ProducerLars Blomgren, Francy Suntinger
CastBjörn Bengtsson, Tuva Novotny, Jessica Zandén, Johan Rabaeus, Vanna Rosenberg, Per Andersson, kerstin Steinbach, Rolf Degerlund.....
Prod companyFilmlance
Co-ProducerPer-Erik Svensson
Co-production companyFilmpool Nord
DistributorSvensk Filmindustri (SF)
Spec locationsKlöverträsk, Studio Kronan