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Ann Holmgren 2016/2017
Short films
I will always love you kingen
(I will always love you kingen)

Amanda Kernell 2016/2017
Short films
Short films
Döda Farmor
(Killing Grandma)

Det är 90-tal och två unga flickor tränar inför QuakeCon. När de blir tvingade att spendera tid med en av tjejernas farmor upptäcker de att hon är en livstrött kvinna med stark vilja.
Lars Persson 2016
Short films
Juliet,Juliet & Juliet
Tre människor från skilda bakgrunder och kontrasterande livsöden möts och ger sig ut på ett otippat äventyr tillsammans. Juliet, Juliet and Juliet är en kortfilm av koreografen och dansaren Giovanni Bucchieri där danslegenden Ana Laguna och skådespelarlegenden Stina Ekblad möts i en expressiv berättelse gestaltad genom ett oväntat möte.

Danslegenden Ana Laguna och skådespelarlegenden Stina Ekblad i en expressiv berättelse om tre människor som möts på ett tåg och ger sig ut på ett otippat äventyr tillsammans. Juliet, Juliet and Juliet är koreografen och dansaren Giovanni Bucchieris regidebut.

Dance super star Ana Laguna and acting legend Stina Ekblad meet with dancer, choreographer and director Giovanni Bucchieri in this expressive story about an unexpected meeting.

Giovanni Bucchieri 2016
Short films

Jonas Selberg Augustsén 2016
Short films

Jana Bringlöv Ekspong 2016
Short films
(The Bicycle Man)

Aarne Norberg 2013
Short films
Simon lives with his mother in northern Sweden. She is a body builder and is training hard ahead of her next contest. Simon sacrifices everything to help her, but at the same time he realises that her body will not hold out much longer. Simon finds himself in an untenable position and has to make a very difficult decision. Leave his mother, even if he knows she can't cope by herself, or give up his own dreams and stay.
Milad Alami 2013
Short films
Karda Katt
Anna Azcarate 2013
Short films
A film about a jewish couple who makes one last desperate attempt to escape the Nazis during WW2.
Johan Sundqvist 2012
Short films
Leif wakes up on theroad, naked and bloody, with no memory of what has happened. No one believeshim when he claims to have been abducted by aliens. With this film, sportinglots of humour, good acting and good-looking special effects, Patrik Eklund hasvirtually created a new genre.
Patrik Eklund 2012
Short films
(The Caretaker)

A caretaker cares for an old abandoned school building. When he starts hearing strange noises in the presumably empty building, he realizes that something is not right.
Martin Åhlin 2012
Short films
Bondlurken och Thailändskan
(Looking for Joy)

Leif-Göran is a lonely farmer living in a small village in northern Sweden. He is afraid of being alone – and he has met a woman on thaiwife. Her name is Joy, and she is from Thailand. The atmosphere is tense, and the communication between them is not easy, as they do not understand each other. A film filled with culture clashes and firewood.
Lars Persson 2012
Short films
Below Zero
Ett poetiskt vykort från Norrbotten.
Johan Hannu and Lenitha Hedqwist 2012
Short films
Hennes Svarta Vingar
(Her Black Wings)

Mikael is a farmer who lives alone in his little cottage in the woods. One day an angel falls down from the sky and onto Mikael’s meadow.
Martin Åhlin 2012
Short films
Vid skogens rand

Two brothers in their twenties are on the run following a dramatic robbery. On the snowy forest track, they run over an animal that comes out of nowhere in the dark. The elder brother is seriously injured. When the younger brother, Andreas, discovers the injured cat-like animal, he is forced to decide whether to kill it or save its life. His choice will be crucial as Andreas realises he's walked into a trap.
Mikael Hellström 2012
Short films
Vägra Dö Slö
(Slippery Sap Trap)

It's Saturday. Vera and Bitten are sitting in their car, looking at people shopping. They stare at the others, on those who "have". A young man with heavy bags is offered a ride.
Anna Azcarate 2011
Short films
Evigt Unga
(Forever Young)

Forever Young could be like any other love story about a woman who meets a man. But Ethel is an unexceptional pensioner who has always been married to Roland and who lovingly puts up drawings by her grandchildren around the home. Out for a walk one day she suffers a fall and cannot get up. Suddenly, a man she doesn't know is standing over her
Annika Appelin 2011
Short films
A young woman in Rwanda is about to give birth. The baby is turned the wrong way and her life is in danger. At the same time the water breaks for a woman in Sweden. She decides that she will cope with it herself; she refuses to accept any help. These two stories of women giving birth are woven into each other and appear to go on simultaneously in two completely different parts of the world.
Goran Kapetanovic 2011
Short films

Why are arctic brambles so much more valuable than cloudberries and why did Sámi men lay down naked on the bog in the old days? How would one react to a mock execution, and what exactly is anxiety hysteria? Two rootless girls with more questions than answers are trying to cautiously approach their Sámi roots during a summer’s night.
Jonas Selberg Augustsèn 2010
Short films
My Blue Hawaii
Lars Persson (Anette Winblad, Mentor) 2010
Short films
Mie halvan kotia
Ulla Lyttkens 2009
Short films
(Autumn Man)

Autumn, the season when nature prepares to be reborn by dying. In this time of the year we meet two young fellows. They are perhaps not the most popular characters in the small Tornedalen community since their method of subsistence is on the outskirts of morality.

Most of their endeavors seem to be jinxed as if a higher power is trying to say something about their life style.

Two men, two different reactions, either bracing oneself or letting the scents of autumn open one’s mind.
Jonas Selberg Augustsén 2009
Short films
Maud & Leo
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We have only one condition - you must attribute the work to the filmmakers Tobias Rydin, Jonny von Wallström and Akram Janzi.
Jonny von Wallström, Akram Janzi, Tobias Rydin 2008
Short films
(Seeds of the Fall)

Patrik Eklund 2008
Short films
Istället för Abrakadabra
(Instead of Abracadabra)

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2008: Startsladden Award for the best short film and the audience price.
Patrik Eklund 2008
Short films
A boy trying to get his father's attention while the ants are threatening to take over the house. It's summer and the sunlight shining through the window.
Gustav Annerblom 2007
Short films
Denize Karabuda 2007
Short films
Edderkoppen Bakeri
(The Little Spider Bakery)

This is a short story about a Bakeri and the tagline is "Our Passion, your portion".
Terje A. Nymark 2007
Short films
Icicle Melt
Amy Neil 2006
Short films
Situation Frank
(Situation Frank)

Partik Eklund 2006
Short films
Den blå skon
(The Blue Shoe)

Magnus Fredriksson 2006
Short films
Short films
(The Parasite)

Lisa Munthe 2004
Short films
We find ourselves in a very small town in northern Sweden during the cold spring in April 1930. In the village there is a "Bed and breakfast" owned by Linda Ståhl who is a single mother of two children. One of the guests on this day is Björn Ceder, violinist and one half of the duo Phil and Ceder.
Leif Sundberg 2003
Short films
A man tells his wife about a dream he had last night. He dreamt that he was in Paris in the 1920's, but all he could think about was that the Eiffel Tower was missing. His wife does not understand however, she has never heard about this "Eiffel Tower". When he draws it for her she finally recognizes it - as the Kipling Tower of London!
Niklas Rådström 2003
Short films
Far into the Hundred Acre Wood. A young woman, Mari, is on her way to her grandmother's childhood home. In the village, she meets an older man, Roland, who claims to be a relative.
Aja Eriksson 2001
Short films
He lives deep in the forest. He buys a lot of things over the internet that he picks up at the bus station. He calls himself "Iskungen" when he chats online. This particular day he composes a song on the way to the bus station, but he does not retrieve any package but a woman, "Järnladyn."
Erik Norberg 2001
Short films
En strimma dag
Märta-Greta lives with her strictly religious mother in a small village in the Torne Valley. One day when they come to church, they have a new priest who extol the Lord by dancing in the church. The priest takes Märta-Greta in parish work, and she falls in love with him.
Ulla Lyttkens 2001
Short films
En resa i midnattssolens land (Med Lapplandsexpress)
A summer excursion on the route Jörn - Polar Circle - Gällivare - Abisko. In Abisko we see the midnight sun and the Abiskojokk waterfalls and a visit to the Sami people in Kuisopakkto.
Short films