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Many of our productions have been nominated for, and won, prestigious awards, no project is too small for the region’s film professionals and the Swedish Lapland Film Commission. Ask us.
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Kwabs - Perfect Ruin
Perfect Ruin from Kwabs debut album 'Love + War' out May 2015
George Belfield 2015
Music videos
Avicii - Addicted to You
Sebastian Ringler 2014
Music videos
Raised Fist - Wounds
Axel Söderlund, Johan Hannu 2010
Music videos
Raised Fist - Friends and Traitors
Shot in Luleå, Sweden on the Red One, Steadicam and the infamous Hawkwagon. A band that was a thrill to work with. Extreme amounts of energy in a bunch of great guys. Made by our new collective Huset. Hope you like it / Axel Söderlund
Axel Söderlund 2009
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Movits "Fel Del Av Gården"
Music videos
Movits "Äppelknyckarjazz"
Video for Swedish swing-jazz-hiphop band MOVITS!

I basically wanted to make a video for myself. One that I would enjoy watching. It's a mix of asian style, Nintendo NES, smooth transitions, cheesy humor and alot of action. So I'm of course very pleased with the result=P. I thought the post production would take about two weeks. It took 8. All made during evenings and weekends at my neighbor Tomi's place. But it was worth it, and now that I've slept some, I'm really happy. Enjoy!/ Axel Söderlund
Axel Söderlund 2008
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Machinae Supremacy "Edge & Pearl"
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Olle Nyman "Bastards"
Johan Hannu 2008
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Popshuvit "Set You On Fire"
Johan Hannu 2007
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Elmo "Unbreakable"
Axel Söderlund 2007
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