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Dröm Vidare
(Beyond Dreams)

Rojda Sekersöz 2017

STAR BOYS is about what happens when sexual revolution arrives into a conservative and religious small town in Northern Finland, as seen by 13-year-old Star boy singers who are forced to observe their parents’ sexual liberation and it’s consequences at too close range. It’s a powerful story of two families of architects, which are tearing apart by a crumbling of moral conceptions and the parents’ endless need for love and freedom. After a fatal toga party no one and nothing is the same and the boys’ confusion erupts violently…
Even though STAR BOYS deals with heavy themes, it is ultimately a warm and positive survival story that portrays the persistence and capacity of children to get over even most difficult experiences in life.
Visa Koiso-Kanttila 2016/2017

Stefan Jarl 2016/2017

Meikeminne Clinckspoor 2016/2017
Oskars Amerika
(Oskars Amerika)

Torfinn Iversen 2016/2017
Den blomstertid nu kommer
(Meet me in Holmsund)

Sabina är romsk rumän som rest till Holmsund för att arbeta. Hon bor vid skroten där henne bröder fått arbete.
I Holmsund finns också ett vansinne, en förtärande rädsla att det lilla samhället ska fara illa av alla ”nya Holmsundare”.
Elin är född och uppvuxen i Holmsund och firar sin första sommarlovskväll. När Sabina och Elin träffas händer något hos
dem båda. Något som gör att de inte vill släppa varandra. Aldrig någonsin.

Sabina has traveled from Romania to Holmsund to look for work together with her brothers. Elin has just
finished school and celebrates the first day of the summer holidays. That night they meet, a meeting that lasts
Victor Lindgren 2016
My Egg Boy "Dan Nan"
A Taiwanese romantic comedy about a woman who chose to freeze her eggs, just waiting for the right man to start a family with. In the pursuit of this man she ends up in wintry Norrbotten where ice and snow becomes a metaphor for the unborn child who are waiting to be born.
FU, Tien-Yu 2016
Siv sover vilse
(Siv sleeps astray)

Swedish premiere 30th September 2016.

Siv is fascinated by the appearance of a new classmate, Cerisia. Cerisia is dressed differently and has opinions. When Cerisia asks Siv to sleep over at her place, Siv is very happy. Perhaps Cerisia wants to be her friend. Siv does not have a best friend.

The sleepover turns out differently than expected. The flat has too many doors and smells odd. When Siv wakes up in the middle of the night, she decides she wants to go home immediately. But where is Cerisia? She is not in her room and Siv ventures into the rather dark and silent flat to find Cerisia.

Oddly enough, the flat has changed. Doors have become really small or really large, wallpapers look different and move. The keys in the wallpaper pattern have disappeared! Or, have they been transformed into real keys? That can open doors?

Siv starts opening doors and in the company of two very talkative badgers in red wellington boots she has one adventure after the other.
Catti Edfeldt & Lena Hanno Clyne 2015

The film is about how the small community where 14-year-old Jennifer lives are turning away from her when she reports a contemporary boy in school for rape.

Beata Gårdeler 2014
(The Garbage Helicopter)

Three young adults on a journey. Mission: to return an old wall clock to their grandmother. A story about a small mission that becomes a great journey.
Jonas Selberg Augustsén 2014
Så ock på Jorden
(Heaven on Earth)

Premiere in Sweden: 4th of September 2015

Life goes on for the people in the small village of northern Sweden after their choirmaster, world-renowned conductor Daniel Dareus death. What remains is his life's love Lena, expecting their child. Lena really love catchy folk-rock and country, but under great doubt she thanks anyway yes to taking care of the music in the deserted church. It will trigger a chain of events that awaken people's desire and longing. Her working methods is highly provocative to the establishment.
Kay Pollak 2014
Glada Hälsningar från Missångerträsk
Release in Sweden: 25th of September 2015
Lisa Siwe 2014
Hajnali láz / Fever at Dawn
Pétér Gárdos 2014
Toute Premiere Fois
(I Kissed a Girl)

French premiere January 28, 2015
Maxime Govare and Noémie Saglio 2013
Her er Harold / Här är Harold
Release date in Norway, 31 October 2014

Harold and his wife Marny have been running the furniture store in Åsane for 40 years, until now… IKEA has opened a new store. Bankruptcy is a fact and Marny, who has slowly succumbed to dementia, dies. In his frustration Harold makes a drastic decision: to travel to Älmhult and kidnap IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, the man Harold considers to be behind it all.
Gunnar Vikene 2013
Miraklet i Viskan
(Viskan Miracles)

Release in Sweden: 17th of April 2015

Bjarne and Malin live on the banks of the Ljungan. Bjarne's father-in-law Halvar lives on the other side of the river. They have never seen eye to eye. The now 20-year-long conflict is based on class antagonisms, past words and inheritance issues regarding a firm of haulage contractors, for instance. One unlucky day, Malin crosses the river to persuade Halvar to guarantee a loan Bjarne wants to take out.
John O Olsson 2013
Estelle returns to Stockholm. She brings her daughter with her, and the promise that Tommy is coming home. A year earlier they had fled head over heels after one of the biggest robberies in Swedish history. Estelle starts to pressure Tommy’s old cronies for the loot, and when things don’t go her way she takes a dangerous gamble.
Tarik Saleh 2013
Krakel Spektakel
(Annabell Olsson's Spectacularities)

A fabulously different musical adventure about little Annabell Olsson, who's looking for the wizard who turned himself into a glass of lemonade and drank himself up. After 700 years the spell may finally be about to be broken…
Elisabet Gustafsson 2013
A Christmoose Story
(Midden in De Winternacht)

A real live talking elk crashes through the roof into the home of nine-year-old Max. They become friends - real friends, through thick and thin. But having an elk friend isn’t easy: a hunter wants to shoot the elk, and Santa turns up and wants his elk back.
Lourens Blok 2013
(Blowfly Park)

Cinema release in Sweden November 28, 2014

Blowfly Park is a psychological thriller which follows Christian Kretschmann, a day-nursery teacher, who may have committed a violent murder. This is the film debut of choreographer Jens Östberg.
Jens Östberg 2012
Mig Äger Ingen
(Nobody Owns Me)

The story of a lone father's relationship with his daughter, of the destructive power of alcohol, of a child's vulnerability, but also of love, betrayal and socialist politics in 1970s Sweden. A unique and moving story freely based on Åsa Linderborg's best-selling novel.
Kjell-Åke Andersson 2012
I Lodjurets Timma / I Lossens Time
(The Hour of the Lynx)

A young man has been locked up after killing an elderly couple. No one knows why, and he's not talking. The researcher Lisbeth is responsible for an experiment where patients are given access to a pet. The boy gets a red cat. Everything is fine at first, but all of a sudden things get out of hand. The cat disappears, a patient is attacked and the boy attempts suicide. Lisbeth asks the priest Helen for help.
Søren Kragh-Jacobsen 2012
Broken Hill Blues

In Northern Sweden, a small community built around a mine. From the winter cold to summer greenery, some teenagers, about to take the leap in the adultage, fight with themselves and the world around them, learning to live, love and dream – while the city also is in a time of change, forced to move due to the explosions mining the ground.
Sofia Norlin 2012
Eskil & Trinidad
(Eskil & Trinidad)

Eskil is torn between loyalty to his father up in the north of Sweden with his ice hockey ambitions, and his desire to meet his mother down in Copenhagen. When he encounters Trinidad, an unusual character who's building a boat to sail to the Caribbean, new and unexpected possibilities begin to open up…
Stephan Apelgren 2012
(The Hypnotist)

After a young woman and her parents are murdered by a killer determined to wipe out the entire family, Detective Inspector Joona Linna works with a psychiatrist to hypnotize the son who narrowly escaped death in order to find the one surviving daughter before the murderer does.
Lasse Hallström 2012
Rendez-vous á Kiruna
Ernest, a famous architect, lives only for his work. One day, he receives a call from the Swedish police, which makes him decide to travel far away to Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland. He must go there to identify the corpse of a perfect stranger, the son that he's never known.

He crosses paths with Magnus, a young, sensitive man who is the total opposite of the authoritarian and suspicious Ernest. This journey in the company of a possible son will reveal to Ernest an unknown part of himself and help him come to terms with the meeting in Kiruna.
Anne Novion 2011
Den Röda Vargen
(The Red Wolf)

Annika Bengtzon is assigned to monitor a complex murder case where the victim is a journalist colleague. Her research takes a turn when the tracks leading to a 40 year old attack on an air base in Luleå. More murders follow, and while Annika Bengtzon penetrates deeper into the corridors of power seems increasingly cause she's a serial killer on the tracks. Liza Marklund has with its world-famous books about crime reporter Annika Bengtzon established itself as one of Scandinavia's biggest crime queens. The Red Wolf is the fourth film in a series of six films about crime reporter Annika Bengtzon.
Agneta Fagerström Olsson 2011
(The Ice Dragon)

Isdraken is an adventure about Mick, aged 11, and his quest for a new home. Mick runs away on an ice dragon, owns a cat factory, befriends brothers Bengt and Bertil, falls in love for the first time and eventually finds his way home.
Martin Högdahl 2011
Dom Över Död Man
(The Last Sentence)

On the lookout for a challenge, a man finds Hitler. Against all odds and with words as his only weapon, he takes up the struggle. The man in question is Torgny Segerstedt.
Jan Troell 2011
Svart Död
Horror movie
Daniel Lehmussaari 2010

There's something going on in the small town of Gumby. The town's proud telecom company Unicom is just about to launch a new modern profile when they discover that there's something lurking in the outskirts of Gumby. An accident triggers a power failure, which leads to a chain of events, mishaps and love stories. Flicker is a warm comic story about people trying to find their place within the modern society.
Patrik Eklund 2010
Någon Annanstans i Sverige
(Somewhere Else)

The film is set along a road anywhere else in Sweden and involves a number of people who are like most people. But then during a single night draws an unlikely chain of events set over them and nothing is itself more like

Based on Hans Gunnarsson's novel.
Kjell-Åke Andersson 2010
En Enkel till Antibes
(A One-way to Antibes)

When George a half-blind widower, learns that his children have conceived an elaborate plan to get their hands on his assets before he dies, he must confront his life choices. After catching his young home help Maria red-handed in the act of stealing, George blackmails her into assisting him in a counterattack, triggering off a chain reaction in the family. George’s children discover that he has a secret mistress in France.
Richard Hobert 2010
Jägarna 2
(False Trail )

It's been 15 years since Eric hastily forced to leave his police service in Northern Sweden. Now 15 years later he lives in Stockholm. A brutal murder forces him to go up to his old neighborhood. What first looks like a simple murder story turns out to be something much more complicated.
Kjell Sundvall 2010
Rare Exports
(Rare Exports)

Just before the first snow of winter falls, professional hunters begin their work. The long process of tracking, hunting and transforming this king of the forest into a finished product is a time consuming process, but the final outcome is a reason to celebrate.
Jalmari Helander 2009
Jag Saknar Dig
(I miss you)

Tina and Cilla are 15 and live in Piteå in north Sweden. They are twin sisters and look identical, but are very much different as personalities. On their Mothers birthday, they hurry to catch the school-bus. Cilla is run over by a car and killed. Left behind is Tina, who now has to find her balance in life without her sister.

Based on the novel "Jag saknar dig, jag saknar dig" by Peter Pohl & Kinna Gieth
Anders Grönros 2009
Bröderna Karlsson
The Karlsson Brothers is a "confusion" comedy about two identical-twin brothers, each initially unaware of the other's existence. One brother is a successful, perfectionist lawyer living in Stockholm. The other brother lives in the North of Sweden with a wife and children, and is a notoriously unfaithful ne'er-do-well. The brothers meet for the first time as they go through their deceased mother's estate. Their meeting leads to a series of challenging mix-ups, turning both their lives on end. The brothers' differences prove gradually to be a source of strength, and their newfound friendship will change their lives forever.
Kjell Sundvall 2009
Between Two Fires
(Between Two Fires)

Marta Kowalska, 30, flees from Belarus to Sweden together with her 10-year-old daughter, Anna. The two of them end up in a refugee centre in northern Sweden where they meet Ali, an Algerian. Much to Marta’s distress, Ali tries to befriend Anna. When this fear subsides, love begins to grow between Marta and Ali. And although the couple is far from certain of being granted asylum, they share a belief in a future together.
Agnieszka Lukasiak 2009
Kenny Begins (Kenny Starfighter)
Kenny Starfighter is probably the worst student the Galaxy Hero Academy has ever had and in pursuit of his exam grades, Kenny accidentally crash-lands on Earth. He bumps into 15-year old Pontus who has found a mysterious, luminous crystal which has given him superpowers and the possibility to get the coolest girl in school, Miranda, interested in him. Rutger Oversmart, who is the most intelligent man in Universe, needs the crystal’s powers to become the most powerful man in the Universe. When Rutger finds out that Pontus has absorbed the power he sends out the most dangerous bounty hunters in the Galaxy to catch him. Can Kenny Starfighter save Pontus’ life or is it Pontus and Miranda who will save Kenny?
Carl Åstrand, Mats Lindberg 2008
I Skuggan Av Värmen
(In your veins)

Eva and Erik, two young people in Stockholm, fall madly in love. Eva resists, a relationship is too much of a risk. She’s a security officer who works nights. He’s a cop. Both are lonely. While Erik isn’t alone by choice, Eva has something to hide. She’s an addict, a heroin addict.
Beata Gårdeler 2008
Vi Hade I alla Fall Tur Med Vädret- Igen
Almost 30 years have passed and Gösta and Gun are retired. This summer, they will make a trip to his son's wedding in Gösta's newly purchased mobile home. Gun wants to fly but agreed to take the car and Gösta promise not to get stressed and stay calm during the trip. It won't happen, instead, it will be a turbulent trip with encounters with giraffes, obstinate grandchildren and a rat with a taste for camper interior ...
Kjell-Åke Andersson 2008
The House Of Orphans
Horror movie
Daniel Lehmussaari 2007
Maria Larssons Eviga Ögonblick
(Everlasting Moments)

In Sweden in the early 1900s – in a time of social change and poverty – the young working class woman Maria wins a camera in a lottery. The camera enables Maria to see the world through new eyes, but it also becomes a threat to her somewhat alcoholic womanizer of a husband, as it brings the charming photographer Pedersen into her life.
Jan Troell 2007
Babylon A.D.
(Babylon A.D.)

The film is set in an anarchic landscape in 2058. Hugo Toorop, a former smuggler and now a mercenary, is approached by a Russian mobster, named Gorsky, who instructs him to bring a young woman to New York City. During the trip, the teen demonstrates unusual powers and knowledge, and Toorop learns about her mysterious past.

Mathieu Kassovitz 2007

A story from the wilderness, where conditions of survival challenge the rules of modern society, Wolf is a contemporary drama set in northern Scandinavia. Klemensand Nejla own a small herd of reindeer. Klemens lives in tune with nature and according to the rhythm dictated by his work. His young nephew, Nejla admires him and wants to follow in his footsteps. But neither his mother nor society will allow that to happen. The herd is attacked and they react without regard for the law. A well aimed stroke of the axe puts relationships to the test. What are the consequences and who will take the blame?
Daniel Alfredson 2007
Persona Non Grata
Mats Arehn 2007
Pingpong Kingen
(The King of Ping Pong)

Jens Jonsson 2007
Låt den Rätta Komma In
(Let the Right One In)

Cloverfield's Matt Reeves remaking
"Let the Right One In" (Let Me In)
Tomas Alfredson 2007

Leif Lindblom 2006
Järnets Änglar
(Black Island Sisters)

Agneta Fagerström-Olsson 2006
Inga Tårar
(No Tears)

Håkan Bjerking 2006
Säg Att Du Älskar Mig
(Say That You Love Me)

Daniel Fridell 2005
Babas Bilar
(Babas Cars)

Rafael Edholm 2005

Anders Banke 2005
Stephan Apelgren 2005
Kaija Junrikkala 2005
Fyra Veckor i Juni
(Four Weeks in June)

Henry Meyer 2004
(The Threat)

Kjell Sundvall 2004
Populärmusik Från Vittula
(Popular Music)

Reza Bagher 2003
Så Som I Himmelen
(As it Is In Heaven)

Kay Pollak 2003
6 Points
(6 Points)

Anette Winblad 2003
Misa Mi
Linus Thorell 2002
Emma och Daniel - Mötet
(Emma and Daniel - The Meeting)

Ingela Magner 2002
It´s All About Love
Thomas Vinterberg 2002

Arto Koskinen 2002
Elina- Som Om Jag Inte Fanns
(Elina - As If I Wasn't There)

Klas Härö 2001
(The Dog Trick)

Christian Eklöw, Christopher Panov 2001
Grabben I Graven Bredvid
(The Guy in the Grave Next Door)

Kjell Sundvall 2001
Så Vit Som En Snö
(As White as in Snow)

Jan Troell 2000
Vingar Av Glas
(Wings of Glass)

Reza Bagher 1999
Knock Out
Agneta Fagerström-Olsson 1999
Jon Lindström 1999
En Liten Julsaga
(A Little Christmas Story)

Mari Marten-Bias Wahlgren, Åsa Sjöström 1998
(Star Sisters)

Tobias Falk 1998
Lusten Till Ett Liv
Christer Engberg 1998
Harald Zwart 1997
Svenska Hjältar

Daniel Bergman 1996
Christer Engberg 1996
Minister På Villovägar
(The Minister of State)

Paul-Anders Simma 1996
Fröken Smillas Känsla För Snö
(Smilla´s Sense of Snow)

Bille August 1996
(The Hunters)

Kjell Sundvall 1995
The Disapperance Of Finbar
Sue Clayton 1995
Kärlekens Himmelska Helvete
Agneta Fagerström-Olsson 1992
Tryggare kan ingen vara
(Winter in Paradise)

Thomas Samuelsson 1992
Ormens Väg På Hälleberget
(The Serpent´s Way)

Bo Widerberg 1985
Jonny Roova
John O Olsson 1984
Lyckans Ost
Kjell Sundvall 1982
Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd
(Flight of the Eagle)

Jan Troell 1982
Warren Beatty 1980
Vi hade i alla fall tur med vädret
Kjell Sundvall 1979
(The Girls)

Mai Zetterling 1967
Här har du ditt liv
(Here´s Your Life)

Jan Troell 1966
Rymdinvasion i Lappland
(Terror in the Midnight Sun)

Virgil W. Vogel 1959
(Laila - Liebe unter der Mitternachtssonne)

Rolf Husberg 1957